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DAV Solutions For Class 7 Social Science Chapter 21 Advertising and Democracy

DAV Solutions For Class 7 Social Science Chapter 21

Students who are looking for DAV Solutions For Class 7 Social Science Chapter 21 Advertising and Democracy of We and Our World book, then you are at right place. Here at solutiongyan, we provide complete solutions of DAV class 7 Social Science Civics book.

The exercise contains 5 questions and the answers to them are provided in the DAV Solutions for Class 7 Civics Chapter 21 “Advertising and Democracy”. Solutions of DAV Class 7 SST help to boost the writing skills of the students, along with their logical reasoning. Students can go through these solutions to learn an effective way of expressing their answers in the exam.

DAV Solutions For Class 7 Social Science Chapter 21
Social Science Chapter 21

DAV Solutions For Class 7 Social Science Chapter 21 Question Answer

DAV class 7 SST Book question answer chapter 21 Advertising and Democracy is given below. Here DAV Class 7 Social Science Civics chapter 21 Question Answer is provided with great explanation.


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1. Advertising persuades the customers to-

Answer: purchase a particular brand of product or service.

2. The availability of many brands-

Answer: creates confusion in the mind of the customer.

3. Public Service Advertising promotes-

Answer: campaigns for health and social issues.

4. Advertising leads to-

Answer: wasteful expenditure.

5. Advertising inculcates-

Answer: steerotype attitudes.

1. Huge amount is spent on ___________ to target the feelings of the customer.

2. Advertisements create an associated picture of ___________ in the mind of public.

3. Advertising through ‘stars also creates brand ___________.

4. Gender discrimination is against the basic principle of ___________.

5. Many people cannot afford ___________ items.

Answer: (1) advertising (2) Success & happiness (3) loyalty (4) democracy (5) branded

1. Social and public service advertisements strengthen the democracy of a country.

2. It is against democracy to ban advertisements on tobacco and alcohol.

3. All food items are standardised by Agmark.

4. A consumer cannot protect his/her rights.

5. The branded items or packaged items are always better than the unbranded or open items.

Answer: (1) True (2) False (3) True (4) False (5) False

1. What does advertising mean?

Answer: Advertising is a powerful medium. It persuades the customer to purchase a particular product or service by describing its goods points, which are mostly exaggerated.

2. Who is a consumer?

Answer: A consumer is a person who purchases a service or product and make use of it.

3. What is meant by consumerism?

Answer: Consumerism is all about protection of the interests of the consumers. It is a social movement seeking to protect the rights of consumers in relation to the producers of goods and providers of services.

4. Write the full form of BIS. Mention its function.

Answer: BIS stands for Bureau of Indian Standards. It lays down standards for industrial and consumer goods.

5. State any two positive effects of advertising.

Answer: Advertisement motivates the people to send their daughters to school and not think of them as a burden. Social advertising has benefited many public awareness programmes.

1. Describe the relationship between advertising and democracy.

Answer: Advertisements are directly related to democracy as it strengthen the democracy of a country. In a democratic set-up, every individual or manufacturer can advertise his product which is only possible by spending huge money. But there are also laws in the interest of consumers to save them from misleading advertisements like fairness, height increase etc.

2. How does advertising create discrimination in the society?

Answer: Small businesses do not have the money to spend on advertising. But they have to compete against highly advertised items that make the people believe that branded and packed goods are better. Thus, advertising create discrimination in the society which is undemocratic and create inequality among the masses.

Some advertisements show a family sitting on the table and woman cooking the food. The men are invariably shown buying computers or cars. The type of advertisements creates gender discrimination and hence, is against the basic principles of democracy.

Many people cannot afford branded items. They feel that they are failing in their duty by not providing a particular brand of flour for their growing children. This creates distance between the rich and the poor.

3. What does social advertising mean? Give examples to illustrate the benefits of social advertising.

Answer: Social advertisement means applying marketing and advertising principles to promote health and social issues. It aims to change the attitude and behavior of the public and bring about positive changes in the society.

Benefits of social advertising

Social advertising has benefitted many public awareness programmes like Importance of mother’s milk for the baby, method of making baby food at home with grains and pulses, need of hygiene, education, respect for traffic rules, etc.

4. List the main features of consumerism.

Answer: The main features of consumerism are as follows.

  • A consumer must be aware of his/her rights and should protect his/her rights.
  • He/She should raise voice against exploitation.
  • He/She should seek redresser of his/her complaints.
  • Government laws must protect the interest of the consumer.
  • Business houses must adopt a code of conduct for regulating their activities.

5. How do advertisements help in creating awareness among the citizens? Support your answer with examples.

Answer: Advertising has played an important role in making us aware of our responsibility towards the society. For example, a documentary film by the Ministry of Social Welfare shows that girls are as capable of achieving success in their chosen fields as the boys are, when given the opportunity. It motivates the people to send their daughters to school and not think of them as a burden. Today, more and more girls are sharing the responsibility of their parents.

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