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DAV Class 6 English Chapter 9 Solutions Our Tree

We are here to provide you with the most accurate DAV Class 6 English Chapter 9 Solutions Our Tree with answers to all the questions of the English Literature textbook. These DAV Class 6 English Chapter 9 Solutions Our Tree have been crafted by our subject experts, keeping in mind the standards set forth by the DAV Public School.

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DAV Class 6 English Chapter 9 Solutions Our Tree
Chapter 9 Our Tree

DAV Class 6 English Literature Chapter 9 Our Tree Question Answer

DAV Class 6 English Chapter 9 Our Tree Question Answer is given below. Here DAV Class 6 English Literature Chapter 9 Question Answer is provided with great explanation.


A. Complete the summary of the poem by filling in the blanks with appropriate words:

A tree takes a long time to grow. For many years, the trunk of the tree pushes the sky to grow higher and higher. The branches grow long as if they were stretching their arms and reaching out fingers. With every year, the seasons change and the tree leaves also change from green to yellow and then from yellow to green. Since the time of the speaker’s grandfather’s father, there had been an elm outside his school whose shadow could be seen across the playground. The speaker felt sad when this tree was cut off by some men within ten minutes.

B. Answer the following questions in brief:

1. What do ‘the arms’ in line 3 refer to?

Answer: The arms in the line 3 refer to the branches of the tree.

2. What do ‘wooden fingers’ in line 4 refer to?

Answer: Wooden fingers in line four refers to the stem and twigs of the tree.

3. Bring out the contrast between the beginning and the ending of the poem.

Answer: In the beginning of the poem the poet was very happy to see that the tree is growing year after year but in the end, he became sad to see that the trees were cut down by three men for commercial uses.

C. The poet has used some imaginative metaphors and beautiful similes in the poem. In the table given below are some extracts from the poem. Mention whether the extract is a simile or a metaphor.


ExtractsSimile or Metaphor
So many years of pushing the skyMetaphor
Long branches stretch the armsMetaphor
Reach out with their wooden fingersMetaphor
Years drift by, fall like leavesSimile

A. What does the poet want to convey by saying, it took ten minutes. Discuss with your partner.

Answer: The poet said it took ten minutes because it took only ten minutes to cut down and chop the elm which has taken so many years to grow. Through this line the poet wants to convey that we human being are so selfish that we do not even bother to think for a second to cut down the tree which was providing fruits, flower and shade to its visitors.

B. The poet has mentioned many phrases and words in the poem telling that it takes long for a tree to grow. Discuss.

Answer: The phrases which the poet has used are:

  • Pushing the sky – It means to say that it takes long time for all tree to reach and touch the heights of sky.
  • Stretch the arms – the poet means to say that it takes long time for a tree to grow its branches.
  • Reach out with their wooden fingers – to grow their small stem.

Imagine that you adopted a plant in your school or near your house. Write five things you would do to help it grow into a strong big tree.

Answer: I would do the following things to help the plant to grow into a big tree:

  • I will water the plant daily.
  • I will request the gardeners to take care of it.
  • I will ensure that other children do not harm it.
  • I will ensure that it gets proper manure.
  • I will protect it from grazing animals.

You have observed that vast stretches of grassland that were the lungs of your town have been converted into concrete jungles. Discuss with your partner the possible consequences of this cruel activity.

Answer: The consequences of this cruel activity can be:

  • (a) It can cause global warming.
  • (b) It can lead to pollution.
  • (c) It can cause soil erosion.
  • (d) Future generation cannot lead a healthy life.
  • (e) We will not get fresh air.
  • (f) Many animals will not get their food.

On the occasion of ‘Van Mahotsava’, prepare a speech to be delivered in the morning assembly on the topic ‘Save Trees, Save Life’.

Answer: Good morning respected teachers and dear friends. Today I am going to share my views on the topic save trees save life. It is said that Earth is our mother and now people are practicing deforestation and trying to kill their own mother. We must save earth by afforestation. Trees are also called ‘green gold’. They are the real source of health. They give us medicine wood, fruits, vegetables and oxygen. These are the selfish human being who cut trees to reduce the number of trees and build big buildings for them to earn money.

Just think that if there will be no trees it means there will be no oxygen, no oxygen means no living organism or we can say no human. The question is that who will live in those big buildings? Trees are the only thing that gives us oxygen and we are trying to kill them. I am using the word killed because trees are also living organism and we are killing them. The people who are killing them must be put in a case for murder. At last, I want to say that save trees, save earth, save life.

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