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DAV Class 6 English Chapter 5 Solutions Today and Tomorrow

DAV Class 6 English Chapter 5 Solutions

We are here to provide you with the most accurate DAV Class 6 English Chapter 5 Solutions Today and Tomorrow of English literature with answers to all the questions of the English Literature textbook. These DAV Solutions for Class 6 Chapter five have been crafted by our subject experts, keeping in mind the standards set forth by the DAV Public School.

DAV Class 6 English Chapter 5 Solutions
Chapter 5 English

To understand Chapter 5 Today and Tomorrow in a better way, students can refer to the DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Today and Tomorrow while answering the textbook problems.

DAV Class 6 English Literature Chapter 5 Today and Tomorrow Question Answer

DAV Class 6 English Today and Tomorrow Solutions is given below. Here DAV Class 6 English Literature Chapter 5 Question Answer is provided with great explanation.


A. The poem ‘Today and Tomorrow’ highlights the importance of time. Can you find some famous proverbs based on the same idea? One has been given below.


1. Time and tide wait for none.

2. The most powerful warriors are patience and time.

3. Time is very precious and money.

4. Time isn’t main thing, It’s the only thing.

5. Time is great story teller.

1. What sort of man does the poet like?

Answer: He likes a man who does not put off anything till tomorrow what he can do today as well.

2. How can we command the present?

Answer: we can command the present if we act and never wait.

3. What happens if we throw the hours away?

Answer: If we throw the hours away, we can never be accomplished our work.

4. Why should we not put off any work/good deed till tomorrow?

Answer: we should not put off any work till tomorrow because it will never be completed on time.

5. Find out the four pairs of rhyming words in the poem.

Answer: Four pairs of rhyming words in the poem are:

(i) wait – late (ii) say – today (iii) foretell – well (iv) man – can

6. What is the rhyme scheme of the poem?

Answer: The rhyme scheme of the poem is ABCB.

Yesterday is dead, tomorrow is unborn but today is a gift. That’s why it is called ‘present’. How can one make one’s present a worthy gift?

Answer: All that has passed in past can never return. Tomorrow is unknown and what lies ahead in future are still in god’s hand. So, we should give value to our present. We can make our present worthy gift by enjoying it to our fullest. If we work hard today, then our future will be secured and the mistakes of the past will be rectified.

Kushal is a bit lazy and keeps delaying his work. He also gets scolded by his parents and almost all the teachers for being so disorganised. What suggestions can you give him to manage his time?

Answer: Suggestions that I would give him to manage his time are as follows:

  1. 1.Kaushal should make a time table.
  2. Divide the difficult work into smaller parts.
  3. Take break at right time.
  4. Don’t delay any task.

What according to you is the best way of spending time out of the given options? Give reasons for your choice.

(a) grooming yourself

(b) gaining knowledge

(c) entertaining yourself

(d) teaching someone

(e) helping the needy

Answer: According to me Gaining knowledge is best way of spending time because knowledge is infinite when you open a Book and see a new page you learn a new thing.

A. Write a letter to your brother living in a hostel to maintain a balance between playing games and studying so as to make the most productive use of his time.


Ashok Nagar, New Delhi

31 Oct 2021

Dear Brother,

I am in pink of health and hope you are also. I am writing this letter because I want to tell you that to be a good person you must do your work in an organised manner. You should make a timetable and maintain a balance between playing games and studying.

If you divide your work, it will help you and you will be able to identify which work should be completed at what time. With proper study, you should also play and breathe in the fresh air. This will make you healthy and fit. Lastly, I want to say focus on your studies.

Yours loving brother,


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