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DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot

If you are looking for DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot by Ira Saxena, then you are at right place. Here at SOLUTIONGYAN, DAV Class 7 English Solutions of chapter 9 The Human Robot exercises provided at the end of the chapter will be a useful resource for Class 7 English exams.

Here, we provide complete solutions of DAV class 7 English chapter 9 The Human Robot of English Literature book. These exercise of English chapter 9 by Ira Saxena contains 5 questions and the answers to them are provided in the DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot.

Solutions of DAV Class 7 English chapter 9 The Human Robot by Ira Saxena help to boost the writing skills of the students, along with their logical reasoning. Students can go through class 7 English Literature chapter 9 solutions to learn an effective way of expressing their answers in the exam.

DAV Class 7 English Chapter 9 The Human Robot Solutions

DAV Class 7 English Literature Chapter 9 The Human Robot Question Answer is given below. Here DAV Class 7 English Literature chapter 9 by Ira Saxena solutions is provided with great explanation.


DAV Solutions of Class 7 of English Literature Textbook is the best source for the students to self-analyse their performance. DAV Class 7 students are more likely to score good marks in English exam if they practise DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot regularly.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9

A. Tick the correct answers from the options given below.

(a) From where did Prem Chopra get the money for buying Ram Singh?

Answer: From a loot

(b) What was the range within which Ram Singh’s movement could be controlled through a remote control?

Answer: Half a kilometre

(c) What was the first command given to Ram Singh?

Answer: Buying mangoes

(d) What was the first thing that Ram Singh stole?

Answer: Gold necklace

(e) Who was the first person to notice Ram Singh stealing?

Answer: A fruit vendor

(f) Where was Prem Chopra arrested?

Answer: At home

B. Answer the following questions in not more than 30 words.

1. Why did Prem Chopra go to Super Robots Plaza?

Answer: Prem Chopra went to Super Robots Plaza to buy an accomplice who would help him in his thefts or robberies. According to him this was the best way to invest his latest loot.

2. What all could Ram Singh do?

Answer: Ram Singh was perfectly programmed to function in the household, cleaning, arranging, collecting groceries from the supermarket, tending the lawn, mailing letters, relating your favorite programs on TV and selecting news of interest from the paper.

3. What were the three inbuilt principles in Ram Singh’s system?

Answer: The three inbuilt principles in Ram Singh’s system were:

  • The robot will obey his master.
  • It will not harm humans.
  • It will not harm to self.

4. Why was Prem Chopra interested only in the first principle?

Answer: Prem Chopra was interested only in the first principle which stated that the robot will obey his master because he wanted to buy Ram Singh primarily for stealing goods from the shops.

5. Why was Ram Singh arrested? Why was he summoned to the court?

Answer: Ram Singh was arrested because the computerized cameras capable of split recording, clicked him stealing the precious gems from Jhaveli Brothers.

Ram Singh was summoned to the court as his memory tape could reveal all the information required to solve the case.

6. What happened to Ram Singh in the court? Why?

Answer: Ram Singh’s system disintegrated and defused in the court because Council Goel forced him to reveal the information and warned him that he would harm innocent human beings if, he did not do so. On the other hand, the instructions from Prem Chopra were not to be revealed. This led to the conflict between his two principles. He decided to break apart telling a lie, hurting human beings or becoming unfaithful.

C. From the story pick out at least four extracts which show that Prem Chopra wanted to buy Ram Singh primarily for stealing goods from the shops.


  1. Now he would be able to buy an accomplice. (Para 1)
  2. Straightening his neck-tie, he regained his confidence. (Para 3)
  3. You mean sitting at home I can command the robot in the city market? (Para 9)
  4. He was delighted with the robot’s agility and deftness. (Para 19)

D. Given below are a few adjectives. Decide which of these describe Ram Singh and which ones describe Prem Chopra. Also give the reason for your choice.

obedient, greedy, unscrupulous, helpless, cunning, principled

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot
Chapter 9 The Human Robot

Prem Chopra pleaded guilty at the end of the chapter. Why do you think he did so?

Answer: Prem Chopra was such a criminal who bought Ram Singh-070 to help him in his crimes and robberies. He was extremely happy to know that his accomplice would never disobey his orders.

However, when he saw robot Ram Singh-070 breaking apart, he realized that the metallic robot was more human than him. He was shocked and of grief to see the robot disintegrate for no fault of his. Prem Chopra realised his mistake pleaded guilty.

We all know that though technology can be very beneficial for us, misusing it can have disastrous consequences. Prepare a speech to be delivered in the morning assembly on how technology can be used for the benefit of mankind.

Answer: Respected Principal Sir, teachers and my dear friends, I wish you a very good morning. Today, it is a matter of great privilege for me to stand before you and address this assembly on a subject which is very close to my heart i.e. ‘How technology can be used for the benefit of mankind’.

There is no doubt about the fact that the life we lead at present is much more efficient than before. And in many ways, our life is more comfortable and safer than the lives led by humans in ancient times. All of this was attainable because of the continuous contributions made by people in the science and technology field.

The purposeful inventions created from particular designs are called technology. The capability of transforming theories into practically usable tools and machines is the product of the ingenious human mind. There are several types of technology, and they are meant to make our life easy in one way or another. However, we must always have enough conscience to debate whether technological innovation is beneficial or destructive in nature.

Success is only valid if the intentions behind it are positive. Therefore, we must always remember that whatever advancement in technology is achieved or are to be achieved in future be put to good use.

Thank you.

Robot Ram Singh Is more human than Prem Chopra. Discuss.

Answer: Robot Ram Singh is more human than Prem Chopra because he was very honest, sincere and loyal to his master. He was much better than human beings as he was truthful till the end and he didn’t reveal any information about his master.

Imagine yourself to be the judge of Prem Chopra-Ram Singh case. Prepare a verdict in about 80 words to be pronounced in the court.


The verdict: Case – Prem Chopra Vs. Jeweller’s and Curio dealers.

It has been found on enquiring Ram Singh-070 that Prem Chopra had tampered with his programme and has made him to steal the valuables from the jewelers and curio dealers.

Prem Chopra was confident that the robot won’t reveal the master’s secret. But, Counsel Goel brought out the truth from the robot very efficiently and the court congratulates him for that.

Mr. Prem Chopra is sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment and 1,00,000 million fines. He is also advised to inform the hiding place of the valuables. The court congratulates the police force in tracking and catching the criminal at a faster pace.

The court adjourns.

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