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DAV Class 3 SST Chapter 12 Question Answer Conquering Distances

If you are looking for DAV Class 3 SST Chapter 12 Question Answer Conquering Distances of, we and our world social science book, then you are at right place.

Here at, Class 3 Social Science chapter 12 exercises provided at the end of the chapter will be a useful resource for DAV Class 3 students.

Here, we provide complete solutions of DAV Class 3 Environmental Studies Chapter 12 Conquering Distances of We and Our World SST Textbook.

Students of class 3 can go through Social Science chapter 12 question answer to learn an effective way of expressing their solution in the Dav class 3 social science (Environmental Studies) exam.

DAV Class 3 Social Science Chapter 12 Conquering Distances Solutions is given below. Here DAV Class 3 Environmental Studies chapter 12 question answer is provided with detailed explanation. i.e., Fill in the blanks, Answers the following questions, Tick the correct option, and match the following.

DAV Class 3 SST Chapter 12 Question Answer Conquering Distances
DAV Class 3 SST Chapter 12 Conquering Distances

These exercise of sst chapter 12 contains 18 questions and the answers to them are provided in the DAV Class 3 SST Chapter 12 Question Answer.

Solutions of DAV Class 3 SST chapter 12 Conquering Distances is helping to boost the writing skills of the students, along with their logical reasoning.

1. Who invented the first airplane?

Answer: Wright Brothers

2. Which is the most expensive mode of transport?

Answer: Airways

3. Which means of transport uses animal energy?

Answer: Tonga

4. The progress in the means of transport is closely related to the invention of-

Answer: Wheel

1. People ___________ from one place to another for different reasons.

2. A large number of people travel for ___________.

3. Many members of family get together to celebrate ___________.

4. ___________ travel is not as costly as air travel.

5. Do not use a ___________ if you have to go to closeby place.

Answer: (1) travel (2) business (3) festivals (4) Road (5) vehicle

1. Railways         (a) ship

2. Airways          (b) mini bus

3. Roadways       (c) helicopter

4. Waterways      (d) passenger train

Answer: (1) d, (2) c, (3) b, (4) a

1. Why do people migrate?

Answer: People migrate to other cities or countries for-

  • better opportunities.
  • better weather condition.
  • and for business.

2. How did the invention of wheel change the life of man?

Answer: Invention of wheels change the life of man in many ways:-

  • The invention of wheel enabled man to make a cart and load heavy goods on it.
  • The transportation of people and goods become easier.

3. Why are railways better than airways? Give two reasons.

Answer: Railways are better than Airways because of following reasons:

  • Railways can carry many passengers and tones of goods at one time.
  • We can travel over short as well as long distances in a train.
  • Railways are cheaper than the Airways.

4. Mention two ways by which you can help your family to save fuel.

Answer: Two ways by which you can help your family to save fuel are:

  • We can walk or use a bicycle if we have to cover a short distance.
  • But if it is long distances, we can travel by a bus or metros instead of a car.

5. Metros are an important means of public transport in cities. List the advantages.

Answer: The advantages of metros are as follows:

  • It is a cheap mode of transport.
  • It is environmental friendly.
  • It saves our valuable time.
  • It is a comfortable mode of transport.

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