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DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 12 A Bad Dream

If you are looking for DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 12 A Bad Dream by Donn Byrne, then you are at right place. Here at SOLUTIONGYAN, DAV Class 8 English book solutions of chapter 12 A Bad Dream exercises provided at the end of the chapter will be a useful resource for Class 8 English exams.

Here, we provide complete solutions of DAV Class 8 English chapter 12 A Bad Dream of English literature book. These exercise of English chapter 12 A Bad Dream by Donn Byrne contains 5 questions and the answers to them are provided in the DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 12 A Bad Dream.

Solutions of DAV Class 8 English chapter 12 A Bad Dream by Donn Byrne help to boost the writing skills of the students, along with their logical reasoning. Students can go through class 8 English Literature chapter 12 question answers to learn an effective way of expressing their answers in the exam.

DAV Class 8 English Chapter 12 A Bad Dream Solutions

DAV Class 8 English Literature Chapter 12 A Bad Dream Question Answer is given below. Here DAV Class 8 English Literature chapter 12 by Donn Byrne solutions is provided with great explanation.


DAV Solutions of Class 8 of English Literature Textbook is the best source for the students to self-analyse their performance. DAV Class 8 students are more likely to score good marks in English exam if they practise DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 12 A Bad Dream regularly.

DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 12

A. Answer the following questions in about 30 words each.

1. Why was Mr. Hill upset with Annie?

Answer: Mr. Hill was upset with Annie because she was a bad cook. She wasn’t able to prepare good coffee either Mr. Hill felt embarrassed when people came to his house for dinner and got bad food.

2. What did Mr. Hill expect his wife to do in the parties?

Answer: Mr. Hill was the manager of the bank. He wanted his wife to meet and socialize with people who came to his house for parties. He believed it would be good to make healthy relations with customers as it benefitted the bank.

3. How can we say that Mrs. Hill was a kind-hearted, considerate lady?

Answer: When Mr. Hill told his wife that Annie should go and they must hire a new cook, she objected saying that Annie had worked with them for 20 years. She also tried to convince Mr. Hill that it would be difficult for her to find a new job at such an old age.

4. What was Annie’s reaction when she came to know that Mr. Hill had lost his job?

Answer: When Annie came to know that Mr. Hill had lost his job, she told him that it didn’t matter if he couldn’t pay her. She’d continue working as she had a feeling of belongingness towards the house where she had worked for twenty years. She was understanding, sympathetic and considerate.

B. Read these extracts from the play and answer the questions that follow.

1. ‘How will she find a new job?’

(a) Who is ‘she’ and why should she look for a new job?

Answer: She refers to Annie She should look for a new job because Mr. Hill wants her to go as he thinks she is a bad cook. 

(b) Why will it be difficult for her to find a new job?

Answer: It will be difficult for her to find a new job because she has grown old.

(c) Why does the speaker react in such a manner?

Answer: Mrs. Hill reacted in such a manner because Annie has been working for them for twenty years. Mrs. Hill is a kind hearted and considerate lady and understands Annie’s problem.

2. ‘We had to do it, sir. We were only thinking of the bank.’

(a) Who does ‘sir’ refer to? Who are ‘we’ here?

Answer: ‘Sir’ refers to Mr. Hill, the manager of the bank. ‘We’ refers to Briggs, the assistant manager of the bank and Winter, the cashier.

(b) What did they have to do?

Answer: They had to tell Mr. Hill to resign from his job as the manager of the bank. They had taken permission for the head office to do so.

(c) What was their reason for doing so?

Answer: They wanted Mr. Hill to resign because they felt that he was not doing his job sincerely. He was not nice to the people in the bank. Therefore, in the interest of the bank, they had to do so.

3. ‘But, George, why have you changed suddenly?’

(a) What kind of a man was George earlier?

Answer: Earlier. George was a rude, insensitive, arrogant and self-centred man.

(b) What changes have come over George?

Answer: George has become kind, considerate, sensitive and caring.

(c) What is the reason for these changes?

Answer: A bad dream which he had in the afternoon put him in a similar situation as Annie and made him realize his mistake and changed him into a compassionate man.

C. The words given below describe either Mr. Hill or Mrs. Hill. Read them carefully. Now group them appropriately in the table given below. Also find the lines from the text to support each description.

rude, self-centred, arrogant, sensitive, considerate, compassionate, accommodating, indifferent

DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 12 A Bad Dream
find the lines from the text to support each description

On the basis of these characteristics, compare and contrast the character of Mr. Hill with that of Mrs. Hill.

Answer: After Mr. Hill had got promoted as the manager of the bank, he changed completely. He had become rude, arrogant, indifferent, insensitive and self-centred.

Mrs. Hill on the other hand was kind, compassionate and considerate. She did not agree when Mr. Hill suggested that Annie should leave as she was a bad cook. Mrs. Hill said that Annie had been working in their house sincerely for twenty years and had grown old. She delayed telling Annie to find a new job. She knew that Annie considered herself as the member of the family and would be hurt.

‘Mr. Hill had a bad dream’-was the dream really bad?

Answer: Annie, the cook at Mr. Hill’s house, had worked for the family for twenty years. She considered the home to be her own. It would be difficult for her to find a new job at her age. But Mr. Hill was inconsiderate and insensitive as he wanted her to go because she was a bad cook. His dream taught him a lesson.

He dreamt that the staff of the bank had visited him and told him to resign as he did not work efficiently and he was not nice to the staff members. Mr. Hill was very upset and tried to reason with them but failed. When he woke up, he realized that he had put Annie in a similar situation. He was regretful and his bad dream changed him into a good human being.

A. Assuming the dream to be a reality, do you support Mrs. Hill’s decision to leave Mr. Hill at the time when he needed her the most?

Answer: No. Mrs. Hill’s decision to leave Mr. Hill does not seem fair or justified. It’s probably the worst phase in Mr. Hill’s life. He needed the moral support of his wife to face the crisis.

B. What, according to you, should be the code of conduct of a bank manager with their employees and their customers?

Answer: A bank manager with his employees:

  • Should be courteous.
  • Should be respectful.
  • Should lead by example.
  • Should work as hard as the employees do.
  • Should protect their interest.

A bank manager with his customers:

  • Should provide quality service.
  • Should value his customer.
  • Should make them aware of all relevant information.
  • Should pass over to them all benefits.
  • Should safeguard their money.

‘Compassion for our fellow beings should be an integral part of our existence.’ Discuss.

Answer: Compassion is one of the essential human traits. It separates man from animals. Man is a social animal. As such, every individual takes the help and cooperation of other members of the group. Just as we take the help of others when we are in distress, similarly we must show compassion for our fellow beings in their times of distress.

It is an opportunity for us to pay back to our fellow beings who have always been helpful to us. It is like showing gratitude to them for their love, support and compassion. If we fail to do so, there won’t be any difference between animals and us.

Imagine you are Mr. Hill. Your unpleasant conversation with Mr. Briggs and Mr. Winter awakens your conscience and changes your attitude towards Annie. Write a diary entry expressing your feelings for her before and after your meeting with the visitors.


Sunday 16 January 2022

11.00 pm

Dear Diary

It’s true that Annie is not a good cook. My wife has often shown her how to cook well and make good coffee, but she is not clever enough to learn things. So, I decided to remove her from the job. Because she had been with us for so long, my wife resisted, but I would not budge. I did not even consider her old age. I just wanted to make my customers happy.

After the morning coffee, I had a little nap. In the dream, I had an unpleasant conversation with Briggs and Winter, my employees, who were forcing me to resign from the job. They charged me with dereliction of duty and misbehaviour. I pleaded with them that; I would find another job at this age.

Thank God, it was only a dream! Now I can understand what would have happened to Annie if I had fired her. Rather, I should get someone to help her, after all, she has grown old now. By God’s grace I was saved from committing a sin.

George Hill

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    1. Prastuti Singh Yadav

      Ans-In the story a bad dream there is a man name George hill , which has a servant whose name is annie.annie is very loyal and trustworthy person because when she came to knew that George hill has lost his job she told that she has some savings she just need food and shelter in their home and will serve him without taking the salary.
      I think that this is A very simple answer and you should just describe it in your own way, you should not mugup the things and also the examiner will happy after reading that you have described it in your own way and will give you full marks .
      Hope you like the answer. Thank You

    1. I ask a question
      ‘A dream sometimes awakens our conscience and changes our attitude towards life.’ Justify this statement by giving reference from the lesson ‘ A bad dream ‘.

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