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Dav Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 10 Attila

We are here to provide you with the most accurate Dav Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 10 Attila with answers to all the questions of the English Literature textbook. These DAV Class 6 English Chapter 10 Attila Solutions have been crafted by our subject experts, keeping in mind the standards set forth by the DAV Public School.

To understand Chapter 10 Attila in a better way, students can refer to the DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions while answering the textbook problems.

Dav Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 10 Attila
Chapter 10 Attila

DAV Class 6 English Chapter 10 Attila Question Answer

Dav Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 10 Attila: DAV Class 6 English Chapter 10 Attila Question Answer is given below. Here DAV Class 6 English Literature Chapter 10 Question Answer is provided with great explanation.


A. Answer the following questions briefly:

1. Why did the family buy Attila?

Answer: The family bought Attila to guard their house because series of house breaking and theft were being taking place in the neighborhood.

2. What was Attila’s attitude towards strangers?

Answer: A variety of people entered the gates of the house but all of them were warmly received by Attila.

3. What was Attila’s reaction when he saw Ranga stealing the valuables? How far was it in accordance with Ranga’s expectations?

Answer: When Attila saw Ranga stealing the valuables he waited for a moment and then licked Ranga’s hands and rolled his eyes. Ranga expected the dog to bark, but he didn’t bark at all.

4. Why was Ranga fed up with Attila?

Answer: Ranga fade up with Attila because Attila would not leave him alone even a moment. This short of companionship got on Ranga’s nerves.

5. How did the family members react to Attila’s disappearance?

Answer: Attila’s disappearance created a sensation. The family members felt ashamed of themselves as their dog had gone away with some burglar.

6. Why did Attila run after Ranga? What did others conclude from his chase?

Answer: Attila run after Ranga because he knew that Ranga wanted to desert him. From his chase others conclude that he is very cunning detective and too deep for words.

B. The family had high expectations from Attila but he disappointed them every time by acting differently. Fill in the chart given below highlighting the difference between what was expected of Attila and what he actually did. The first one has been done for you.

DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 10 Attila
Fill in the chart

A. Is Attila really a hero? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: No Attila is not a hero. He was quite friendly with all the strangers. When Ranga came to the house in order to steal the valuables, the dog did not bark at all. Attila liked Ranga and started licking his hands. He ran with Ranga because he had the ambition to roam in the streets freely.

When the young boy shouted at Attila, the thief started running scared of him. Attila did not want to lose his friend Ranga so he ran faster and accidentally blocked his way. The thief fell and was caught by the young boy. Everyone thought that the thief was caught because of the dog’s bravery but the truth was that he liked the thief and did not want to lose his company.

B. All said and done. Attila was a bad watchdog. Do you agree?

Answer: Attila was a bad watchdog because he did not do things expected from him. A dog’s duty is to keep a watch on the house and prevent strangers from stealing or entering without permission. Attila maintained a friendly bond with everyone including the postman, the bill vendors, etc. He never barked at anyone, never stopped people from stealing the flowers from the garden and never made any noise.

The family members felt what’s his use if he cannot do anything a normal dog does. One day a thief entered the house and the dog started licking his hands, he went away with the thief and became very friendly with him. The thief stole valuables from the house and ran away.

As the youngest son, who always favoured Attila. What would you do to help the family come out of the shock? (Plan a strategy to bring back Attila and the jewellery stolen).

Answer: Being the youngest son in the family who had the dog Attila, I would take all necessary measures to find Attila, as I believe that Attila is the only one through which we can find the robber who robbed the valuables. Keeping this in mind, I will try to gain trust and help from my family to search for Attila.

‘We should judge people by what they actually are and not by what they help to achieve.’ Discuss with reference to Attila.

Answer: Yes, with reference of Attila we should judge people by what they actually are and not by what they help to achieve because different people have different aims and most of the objectives consist of getting to higher position and becoming a fame.

A. Imagine yourself to be a newspaper reporter who witnessed Attila blocking the way of Ranga and helping the police catch the thief. Write a newspaper report describing the brave act of Attila.


A brave dog helps catch a thief

By Ram (reporter)

December 30, 2021

Today, a brave dog helped to catch a seasoned offender and thief, ‘Ranga ‘who was absconding after committing a string of robberies in posh neighborhood. It is said that the dog’ Attila’ was following the thief for many days. Today as the owner of the dog, Attila shouted for him, the thief got nervous and tried to run away from the spot.

He was chased by the dog Attila and later overpowered by the crowd. Some pieces of stolen jewellery wear also in thieves’ pocket. The police have taken him into custody and is looking into the matter.

B. Imagine yourself to be Attila. Write a letter to one of your friends showing your displeasure over your friend Ranga’s imprisonment.


New Delhi-110098

Date: 30-12-21

Dear friend ABC,

You will be very surprised to receive a letter from me I am very unhappy these days. My friend Ranga’ has been caught by the police and furthermore the same family with whom I was living earlier have also got to know my were about. They are planning to take me back. My days of freedom are gone.

Again, I will have to do horrible duty of watchdog. How I hate that life! The only solace is the youngest son who looks after me well and often takes me out for a walk. I will tell you more in my next letter. I think somebody is out at the door.

Yours lovingly,


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