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DAV Class 4 SST Chapter 5 Question Answer Bricks and Bridges

If you are looking for DAV Class 4 SST Chapter 5 Question Answer Bricks and Bridges of we and our world social science book, then you are at right place.

Here at, Class 4 Social Science chapter 5 exercises provided at the end of the chapter will be a useful resource for DAV Class 4 students.

Here, we provide complete solutions of DAV Class 4 SST Chapter 5 Bricks and Bridges of We and Our World SST Textbook. These exercise of sst chapter 5 contains 4 questions and the answers to them are provided in the DAV Class 4 SST Chapter 5 Question Answer Bricks and Bridges.

Solutions of DAV Class 4 SST chapter 5 Bricks and Bridges is help to boost the writing skills of the students, along with their logical reasoning. Students of class 4 can go through Social Science chapter 5 question answer to learn an effective way of expressing their solution in the dav class 4 social science exam.

DAV Class 4 Social Science Chapter 5 Bricks and Bridges Solutions is given below. Here DAV Class 4 Environmental Studies chapter 5 question answer is provided with detailed explanation. i.e. Tick the correct option, Answers the following questions, Fill in the blanks, Name the type of bridges as per the given clues, etc.


DAV question answer of Class 4 of We and Our World Social Science Textbook is the best source for the students to self-analyse their performance. DAV Class 4 students are more likely to score good marks in Social Science exam if they practise DAV Class 4 SST Chapter 5 Bricks and Bridges Question Answer regularly.

1. Lokhan lives in the state of-

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

2. The material which helps in making a building strong-

Answer: Cement

3. Bridges help in the easy movement of-

Answer: Vehicles

4. The house that uses strong material-

Answer: Apartment

1. Lokhan went to a ___________ site where his father works.

2. Bricks are made at a ___________.

3. Ayaan has never crossed a ___________ bridge.

4. The earlier Suspension Bridges were made of wood and ___________.

5. The development in science and technology has enabled us to construct ___________ bridges.

Answer: (1) construction (2) kiln (3) bamboo (4) rope (5) strong

Across →

1. Earlier, it was made up of wood and rope.

Answer: SUSPENSION (→)

2. It uses short cables attached to pillars.



3. It uses truss formations below and above the bridge.

Answer: CANTILEVER (↓)

4. It is built across a river.

Answer: BRIDGE (↓)

1. List the types of materials used in making a temporary house and a permanent house.

Answer: (i) Temporary house – mud, thatch, straw, bamboo, wood and canvas.

(ii) Permanent house – bricks, stones, cement, iron rods, glass, wood, etc.

2. Write two benefits of modern building materials.

Answer: The modern building materials make the buildings/houses strong and safe.

3. What is a bridge? How is it useful?

Answer: A bridge is a structure built over an open space without blocking the way underneath.

It helps in the easy movement of people, goods and vehicles.

4. Briefly explain any two types of bridges.

Answer: (i) Suspension bridge- It is made of steel and covers a long distance.

Example-Lakshman Jhula (Uttarakhand).

(ii) Cable Stayed Bridge- It uses short cables that are attached to pillars.

Example-Bandra Sea Link Bridge (Maharashtra).

5. Highlight the differences between the lives of Lokhan and Ayaan.

Answer: Differences between the lives of Lokhan and Ayaan:

DAV Class 4 SST Chapter 5 Question Answer Bricks and Bridges
Differences between lives of Lokhan and Ayaan

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